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Linda is a Northern California native. She has always been inspired by new life, especially by seedling redwood trees and "naked lady" lillies that bloom in the fall. She has loved living in Atlanta, Gulfport and Austin but is happy to be back in Sonoma County, with "her people." 


In 2004, Linda attended her first birth.


When that beautiful baby girl was born, she realized that being a part of new life was her calling.  Linda loves the way birth makes people into families, men and women into mothers and fathers and she loves meeting babies on their first day of life.


Along with the honor of being a part of the awe, Linda believes that birthing families deserve easily understandable childbirth education, comforting physical support and loving emotional support. Linda is passionate about making birth a peaceful and empowering experience for her clients. 


In 2009, due in part to the fact that Linda just couldn't let go of her clients, she became a postpartum doula. She utilizes her lactation support skills, her love of babies and free hands to give families room to settle into their new lives together with confidence. Linda desires to give families the skills they need to care for their new baby (or babies!), time for rest and the nurture they need to thrive and start parenthood with assurance (and maybe a sense of humor).

Linda lives in Santa Rosa with her husband, two daughters and a goldfish named Puppy.



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